Wednesday, June 16, 2010


For the past couple weeks, I've been taking part in a local collaboration called "we." We were given a 10x10 inch block and told "GO!" (it was shouted at us, or at least me, as they handed out the panels). The panels are then traded three times between three different, random artists.

Block 1
I've been itching to work on collage lately, so that's precisely what I've been doing. I tried to keep it open-ended and vague while at the same time making it so the person who receives it thinks, "What the hell is this?," gets frustrated, and throws it at a baby.

Block 2
I enjoyed working on this block. The original had a few strange elements, like the holographic eye and the sculpted, eerily-realistic-feeling tongue which fed into the idea of collage. I struggled a bit in the middle but I'm happy with the paper-cutout/comic vibe going. Whoever gets it next, keep it nice... OR ELSE.

Block 3
And then there was this. I was literally sweating from nerves shortly after I got it. What was I supposed to do with this superflat egg? It reeked of spray paint. It made me wonder how two artists and a month's worth of work went into it. Then I got an idea, a wonderful, awful idea... a stupid idea.

I'm working on the egg panel now. Once its done, I'll put up photos. I'm really curious to see what happens to my other two. I'll post shots of those, too, once the show is up.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Y Mas Fotos

Here are a few more pieces from this spring.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Die Fotos

Here are a few more photos from this past spring. I think they work best when looking through multiples so I'll continue to post more.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Co-lage, too!

Hitler Noodle Soup, 2010

A meal fit for kings (or any Suzy Homemaker, for that matter).

Some Draw'ns

Here are a few recent figure drawings I've done. As you can tell, I've been experimenting and playing around, trying to explore different styles (Due to the fact that I really want to perfect conte drawing like the Old Masters [Bernini, Bronzino, etc.], this experimentation happens when I get too frustrated with the uber-delicacy involved in Renaissance drawing and need a break. Ironically enough, I have no desire to use such refined methods in any other media I employ).

Friday, June 4, 2010

And Number Two

For whatever reason, I decided to post this piece first. It is a recent photograph, a one-off at the Met. However, the whole idea of using the reflection as the subject and as a means to create multiple levels within the photo is something I've been interested in this past spring. I'll post more of my recent photo work soon (and trust me, I have more).

PS: I wanted to include a wonderful pun... and I did! If you didn't catch it already, you need to have your eyes examined by a medical professional.

Number One

After forever and a day of internal debate, I've finally decided share my work with you, Internet (therefore a few friends, mostly random strangers and probably a pedophile or two).

What would make me want to do this after so long, you ask? It's simple. I realized I've been hoarding the majority of my work from the past few years. Before there is some catastrophic accident that destroys any or all of my work (Hurricane Katrina: The Sequel or anything involving Gary Busey - you can never be too safe when it involves that man) I figured I'd immortalize it with you by my side, Internet.

I'll be posti... Wait, what are you saying? "Why is it called Punny Art Blog?" "Aren't artists supposed to be creative?" At which point, I ask "Why are you talking in that terrible Brooklyn accent?" I'll continue to explain that not all art is or needs to be serious. A good title can make or break a piece. I therefore opted out of thinking up the cleverest titled ever by choosing the generic title to evoke all the same feelings of the most pun-tastic title ever. After all that, I end with a random macguffin and you'll be none the wiser.

Anyhow, I' ll be posting everything from drawings to photo work; you'll see a lot of collage along with some mixed-media sculpture and even some ceramics. Hell, maybe you'll even see some video or sound work. Ooooh. Aahhh. I'll post new works as they are finished, as well as older recent works.

PS: I love you, Internet. Don't tell YouTube.