Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Hint of Class, A Dash of Sophistication

Here are a few more photos that I've been working on lately.  They're all storefront window displays, most of them from upper 5th Avenue (they seem to care about their displays the most). I want to try to make them continually more non-descript. I want to create a feeling of many layers - to push you in but then pull you back out again. In a lot of the photos, you can clearly tell where the mannequins are, though hopefully the other elements blend casually into one another. To achieve this, I'm probably going to start searching out more distinct storefront configurations. Art galleries and closed stores have given me some success, so I'll likely start there.

As for the class and sophistication, that very likely won't last very long into the next month. Once I get momentum going, it's just all going downhill, but hey, you gotta have something to knock down in the first place, right?

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